Leeward Management Ltd.

As land developers, we understand the capitol costs associated with these investments, and the physical and capital requirements needed to maintain their value over time. Leeward Management Ltd, a division of IPD, is a Property Management company that applies this understanding to the protection and preservation of our client’s asset.

Property Management

What is Property Management?

The management of commercial, industrial, and residential real estate on behalf of the owners or major shareholders in the real estate holding. Property Management involves the processes, systems, equipment, capital, and manpower required to maintain the physical plant, and the recommendation for upgrades or reconditioning as age or wear and tear dictate.

Our Philosophy

Whether residential or commercial, at Leeward, we recognize that property management is as much about people as it is about property, and we are committed to harmonizing both into the communities of our valued clients. Our primary focus is offering personalized service, and are therefore accessible 24/7 through our agents.

We understand that this is your investment, and our role is to act as an extension of your thoughts and needs, whilst always working towards providing the most efficient and effective value for the maintenance of your investment.

Our portfolio of clients is a balance of both residential and commercial with properties as compact as a four townhouse complex to a fifty three unit commercial complex; each with a full complement of on- site team members as well as contracted service providers.

Ultimately we are all about fostering communities and are vested in improving your daily quality of life.

Our Services

From protection to collection, gardening to garbage removal, our job is to cover all maintenance requirements, property administration and compliance on behalf of our shareholders, whilst maintaining transparency with collections and disbursements.

Our Property Management services include:

  • Maintain active common area property insurance.
  • Provide security service and coverage depending on the complex needs and budget.
  • Provide landscaping services.
  • Provide garbage removal service.
  • Provide Preventative Maintenance service for common area.
  • Provide administrative and general accounting services.
  • Monitor utility consumption and bill payment.
  • Monitor all on sight recreational services (pool, gym, tennis court etc)
  • Organize and attend and chair meetings on behalf of shareholders.
  • Recommendations for upgrades and property improvements.
  • Maintain full transparency through bi-monthly reporting and expenditure reports.
  • Provide 24/7 personalized access to your PM team

These are but some of the services we provide during the course of normal operations, but we fully understand the many nuances and uncertainties that can affect properties, We stand at the ready to provide service and solutions for any uncommon challenge that may arise.

The Leeward Management Team

Marie Josephs – Company Administrator

With almost 30 years experience either directly or indirectly in the corporate world, Marie understands the importance of ensuring client satisfaction through open communication coupled with the sensitivity and resourcefulness needed to see any challenge through to the end no matter how small.

While embracing the Leeward philosophy of personalized attention, Marie efficiently handles the administration of properties under management, releasing our clients from the burden of dealing with the required services to deliver the highest standard of living available.

Leslie McPherson – Comptroller

As the Islandwide Group of company’s Chief Accountant, Leslie is the “internal security”, ensuring all the T’s are crossed and I’s dotted. Knowing full well that we are charged with the responsibility of managing other people’s funds, Leslie’s keen eye and accounting savvy, ensures there is always full transparency with our accounts, and our clients are always kept abreast of their investment obligations.

Mr. Mac is a certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Jamaica (CAJ). With over 20 years of advance accounting and audit experience, your capital is well protected.

Donovan “Schell” Gordon – Maintenance Supervisor

Donovan, or Schell as he prone to answer to, is the “Go To” man at Leeward, is always accessible and most adept at providing solutions to the maintenance challenges that arise on any type of property. With over 20 years experience in the construction industry, 17 as Maintenance Supervisor, he possesses a great scope of knowledge covering all facets of property maintenance.

Schell is no stranger to our properties and is often seen walking each complex, always looking to take a more pro-active approach to preserving and improving your valued asset.


The Leeward Difference

What separates one service provider from another? We realize there are many Property Management providers to chose from, all offering very similar services and coverage options. But we also understand there is only one Leeward.

We realize there is no “cookie cutter” approach to personalized service, and through a series of meetings and consultation with prospective clients, we tailor a service program that conforms to their needs and budget. We however take great care in guiding our clients through the process, being careful not to compromise the value of the investment.

Our PPP Program (Property Promotions and Party) is unique to the services we offer, as once partnered with our new clients, we work towards creating promotional events for our commercial properties, and party events for our residential complexes.

These events allow our commercial partners to gain exposure for their complex and retail entities, and gives our residential owners a recurring chance to meet and mingle with their neighbors in a very relaxed communal setting.

The successful maintenance of any real estate communal development rests solely on the cooperation of its shareholders, and their ability to agree on the capitol requirements to maintain the investment, and more importantly, on their ability to fulfill their fiscal responsibilities. Our job is to make this process seamless.

Leeward Management, the only choice!  

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Services Overview

IPD provides services to the following sectors:

  • Commercial
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  • Industry and manufacturing
  • Institutional
  • Residential Development

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